Swedish's I Love Your Lifestyle are following last year's very good The Movie with a new album, No Driver, on October 26 via Dog Knights and Counter Intuitive, and we're premiering lead single "Shilly Shally."

"'Shilly-Shally' is connected to the album artwork" (which you can see below), the band tells us. "The song was written after Joel (guitar) had a weird dream peaking with a cat playing an awesome guitar solo. By accident Jonathan (bass) presented an idea for album cover with a cat on it. The cat was very much like the cat in the dream. Brothers Joel and Jonathan joined efforts to make a video trying to capture the vibe of the dream that lead to the song."

"'Shilly-Shally' is the closest thing to being a title track without being an actual title track," they continue. "The album No Driver is crafted to be a ROCK ALBUM where previous releases has been more rooted in playing the songs live then recording them."

This song features vocalist Lukas Feurst's sister Alicia harmonizing with him, and their harmonies -- paired with the song's jangly guitars -- find I Love Your Lifestyle branching out from their usual Midwest American emo influences and incorporating some of the sounds of their home country's indie pop history too (think The Wannadies, Last Days of April, etc). Listen for yourself right here:

I Love Your Lifestyle

1. Stupid
2. Car
3. No Harm, No Foul
4. Shilly-Shally
5. Align!
6. I Have no Point To Make
7. Fram Och Tillbaka
8. Well, That's Not Ideal
9. OK
10. Inner Freakness
11. Making Nothing Out Of Something


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