After receiving criticism for a series of cryptic tweets blasting COVID-19 lockdown and masks, former Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown has released a new song that takes those ideas and adds some anti-vaxxer sentiment to boot. "Little Seed Big Tree," which you can hear below, includes heavy-handed lyrics like "A sonic lockdown, state shakedown, a mass breakdown / Put your muzzle on, get back in your basket / Get behind your doors cos living here is drastic."

Brown posted yet another anti-mask tweet, "NOBODY IS NO F*CKER TO TELL YOU TO WEAR A MASK," shortly before sharing the song.

Reactions to the new tracks have been mixed. "Slowly alienating old fans of yours with this garbage whilst succeeding in getting a flurry of the tin foil hat brigade following you (alongside Denise welch)," one reply reads. "Your next gig will be a supporting act for David Icke at this rate."

Meanwhile, Van Morrison also has a trio of songs railing against lockdown on the way -- is a collaborative project in the works? (Please, no)

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