Drummer/composer Ian Chang, who plays in Son Lux and Landlady, is releasing his first-ever full-length solo album, 属 Belonging, on April 24 via City Slang. The album features three guest vocalists -- Kazu of Blonde Redhead, Kiah Victoria, and Hanna Benn -- and we're premiering the song "Audacious" with Kazu, whose 2019 debut solo album Adult Baby also featured contributions from Ian.

"I was frustrated trying to flesh out the harmony for a completely different idea," Ian says of "Audacious," "when all of a sudden this crystalline and simple arpeggiated theme emerged amidst the brain fog. The rest of the instrumental came very quickly around that one part, but it didn’t feel complete yet, it felt like a scene without the lead character. That’s when I realized that it would be perfect for Kazu. There’s something about her melodies and delivery that is paradoxically melancholy and playful, earnest and nonchalant." It is indeed perfect for Kazu -- if you're a fan of the dark, dreamy pop she makes with Blonde Redhead, you'll almost definitely like this song too.

It comes with a video directed by Qieer Wang, who adds, "The idea of an audacious act can access to the pure creativity has truly connected with me. I started to look back into my old drawings from 2 years ago, and found this blue skin, green hair, fearless character with those great owl-ish eyes caught my attention. I put the drawing on my lighting table and started the testing, as you can see that is included in the last scene of our finished film, which turned out pretty well." Watch/listen below.

Ian Chang Belonging

舞狮 Lion Dance
Comfort Me (feat. Kiah Victoria)
Audacious (feat. KAZU)
Food Court
雀舌 Bird's Tongue (feat. Hanna Benn)
醉罗汉 Drunken Fist

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