While we all want Fugazi to please finally reunite, we're at least grateful that the band's rhythm section of Brendan Canty and Joe Lally have been playing together again in The Messthetics (who are playing the Alternative Guitar Summit in NYC soon), and very excited that Ian MacKaye, Joe Lally, and Ian's Evens bandmate Amy Farina have officially introduced their new band Coriky, whose self-titled debut album drops March 27 via Dischord. First single "Clean Kill" is the first proper single we've heard from Ian MacKaye in nearly eight years, and it's already enough to prove that he's still very able of making worthy music.

The song starts out on the calmer, Evens-style indie rock side, but by the end when Ian stomps on the distortion pedal, churns out choppy, staccato'd chords, and brings his voice to a yell, he comes closer to Fugazi territory than he has in a while. It's great to hear him rocking out like this again, and to top it all off, "Clean Kill" comes with an instantly-memorable hook. Here's to hoping Coriky's debut album has more where this came from.

In other news, those in DC can catch Ian MacKaye in discussion with the Butthole Surfers' Gibby Hayes about Gibby's new novel Me & Mr. Cigar at Solid State Books on 2/28.

In other other news, DC punk documentary Punk the Capital is screening in various cities, including DC and at a BrooklynVegan-presented screening at NYC's Nitehawk Williamsburg on March 11, which has a Q&A featuring Ian's former Minor Threat bandmate Brian Baker (also Dag Nasty, Bad Religion, etc) and Ian's former Embrace bandmate Michael Hampton (also The Faith, S.O.A., etc). Tickets are still on sale.

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