The cat got out of the bag last week that Ian MacKaye has a new band with his Fugazi bandmate Joe Lally and his Evens bandmate Amy Farina, and that they would be playing their first show at a benefit for Loaves & Fishes at the St. Stephen's church in DC on Sunday (11/11). That show did indeed happen, and while a few attendees reported that Ian requested no video, you can check out a gallery of fan-shot photos from the show above.

One attendee wrote, "Guess what? The new Ian MacKaye/Amy Farina/Joe Lally band sound just as good and exactly like I expected." Another echoed, that, saying: "It was a bit rough but good vibes. The Evens with a Fugazi groove."

Another showgoer wrote, "Caught this killer punk show last night at St. Stephens and the Incarnation last night in Washington, D.C.!!! And, it happened to be the first show by Amy Farina, Ian MacKaye, and Joe Lally’s new band!!!" Another wrote, "DC, you’re alright sometimes. As a person who was ~2/3 Dischord bands by listening volume for a long time, getting to see the new Amy Farina / Joe Lally / Ian MacKaye joint with sleepy kids & swell librarians & a bunch of other excited folks on a Sunday night was pretty great." Another added, "The show was billed as an 'open practice' rather than concert debut, so I won't rush to judgement. But it was good." And lastly, "Mr. MacKaye’s stage banter still on point," added another showgoer.

Stay tuned for more on this still-unnamed band, and see a few more fan reactions below:

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