LA duo Patriarchy (Actually Huizenga & Andrew Means) released Asking For It last year, a record of dark, gothy electro that should appeal to fans of '80s 4AD, '00 witch house and most black-clad sounds in between. They've just shared a new video for the album's "Burn the Witch," which was directed and edited by Actually Huizenga and features the one and only Ian Svenonius (The Make-Up, Nation of Ulysses) as a newscaster warning the public that "this is a state of emergency...the witch has escaped her public execution." From there thing gets pretty weird. The video premieres in this post and you can watch that below.

Meanwhile, Huizenga tells us a little more about the song:

"Burn The Witch" is about a romance which has become addictive and abusive. The Witch is the chthonian... the ancient element of Dionysus- the dangerous chaos of Nature. She destroys the tranquility of order that human society has worked so hard to establish. The relationship between the lovers is like the relationship between order and disorder. Sadness, natural disasters, a Plague- these are all things that can be dealt with, but never denied. Hearts will be broken; lives will be lost. Even if you Burn the Witch, she will always escape to reinstate the chaos necessary for life. The witch represents renewal and a horrible rebirth.

You can stream Patriarchy's Asking for It below.

Patriarchy - Asking For It tracklist:
01. Asking For It
02. Burn the Witch
03. Hell Was Full
04. It Goes Fast
05. Maximus
06. He Took It Out
07. Sweet Piece of Meat
08. Grind Your Bones
09. I Don’t Want to Die
10. Laid Down

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