Following her signing to Polyvinyl back in August, IAN SWEET, the project helmed by Jilian Medford, has finally announced her forthcoming third record, Show Me How You Disappear (set for release on March 5th via Polyvinyl) (pre-order here).

It's creation began back in 2018, when she wrote the track "Dumb Driver," with the record's first single, "Power," coming shortly after. Following a spate of panic attacks, Medford began an intensive two-month outpatient program back in January of last year, and upon finishing it found well of new songs. Collaborators on the album include Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Empress Of) and Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers), with mixing handled by Chris Coady. Jilian notes that she was additionally guided by the discography of her favorite band, Coldplay, and the "bizarre and magical vocal delivery" of Young Thug while piecing everything together.

"This is the first record that I leave that space for myself," Jilian explained. "I feel a freedom on this one that I haven’t felt with the others. People always say 'I put all of me into this,' but I actually didn’t this time — I left space." With the album announcement comes new single "Drink the Lake." She says that the track "taps into [her] own twisted logic to try and break away from obsessive thought turned into a pop anthem of seemingly silly ways to try and forget someone, like saying their name backwards, but I feel these devices contributed to my healing." You can listen to the track and watch its music video below.

IAN SWEET Show Me How You Disappear

1. My Favorite Cloud
2. Drink The Lake
3. Sword
4. Dirt
5. Sing Till I Cry
6. Dumb Driver
7. Get Better
8. Power
9. Show Me How You Disappear
10. I See Everything

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