Leading up to her forthcoming album, Show Me How You Disappear (due March 5 via Polyvinyl), IAN SWEET, the project of musician Jilian Medford, has just released another single, "Sing Till I Cry."

The track, which was produced by Daniel Fox, reads like a diary entry. "'Sing Till I Cry' encapsulates the aftermath of trauma and how your innocence feels like it’s been taken away from you," Jilian said of the track. "You forget the simplest things, what it feels like to smile, how to see things clearly. This song prompts me to heal and rediscover that lightness of being. What gives you up? What makes you cry? What gives you love?" The song comes across as a gratifying practice of personal healing for the singer-songwriter, and a very personal look into her psyche for those who listen.

Speaking to that effect, the single comes alongside a collage-like lyric video (directed by both Jilian and Will Duncan), featuring a montage of doodles, coloring book pages (including one of a minion), photobooth selfies from various concert venues, magazine cut-outs, stickers, photos from childhood, and stop motion. It's like taking a peek into a brilliant kaleidoscope or rummaging through Jilian's personal junk drawer of memories from both recent times and the distant past, perhaps as a way to exhibit how her past has made her who she is today.

Watching along as the track plays feels extremely personal, and overwhelmingly nostalgic at the same time, even if it's Jilian's story that's playing out in front of you. You can watch the video below.

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