by Andrew Sacher

Ice Hockey

Quad Cities screamo band Ice Hockey are releasing a new album, Wavefuncton Collapse, this February via Texas Is Funny (pre-order), and its new single "Solar Myths And Autumn" is premiering in this post. It starts off sounding straight out of the '90s screamo scene, but then the intensity lightens up a bit and noodley "emo revival" guitars come in to close the song. It's good stuff, as you can hear below. Here's what the band said about the new album and this song specifically:

This was written in a very tumultuous time for the band. A few of the members left and it was just guitar and drums for a month or so. The majority of the material was written then. We had just gotten back from a short tour where we played with bands like The Reptilian and Alta and we were looking to gain a little more subtlety and maturity in our songs. 3 of the songs were written within the first few months of the band and the rest were written right before we left for our first east coast tour.

["Solar Myths and Autumn"] is about growing up and not realizing that you grew up. Like one day you are 12 and everything is ahead of you and then you wake up one day and you are in your mid-20s and somehow in your head you feel like nothing has changed. Time sneaks up on you. You forget to do so much.

Ice Hockey are also on tour, and though there's no NYC date, they do have a nearby Long Island show happening January 17 at Comiskey Park Bar. All dates are listed, with the new song, below...


Ice Hockey - "Solar Myths and Autumn"

Ice Hockey -- 2015 Tour Dates
JAN 12 - Columbus, OH @ Carabar
JAN 13 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project
JAN 15 - Binghamton, NY @ Fitzie's Irish Pub
JAN 16 - Worcester, MA @ The Raven
JAN 17 - Long Island, NY @ Comiskey Park Bar
JAN 18 - Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
JAN 19 - Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space
JAN 20 - Richmond, VA @ The Haunted Mansion
JAN 21 - Raleigh, NC @ TBA
JAN 22 - Charleston, SC @ TBA
JAN 23 - Atlanta, GA @ TBA
JAN 24 - Nashville, TN @ Exponent Manor
JAN 25 - Little Rock, AR @ Hollow Haus
JAN 27 - Houston, TX @ The Summit
JAN 29 - San Antonio, TX @ The Ten Eleven
JAN 30 - Austin, TX @ Spiderhouse Ballroom
JAN 31 - Austin, TX @ Spiderhouse Ballroom
FEB 01 - Oklahoma City, OK @ TBA
FEB 02 - Kansas City, MO @ Sad Sack Shack
FEB 03 - Iowa City, IA @ Public Space One

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