Danish band Iceage have been touring relentlessly this year for their very good album Beyondless. While they've still got a few European shows in December, they wrapped up their most recent North American campaign in Brooklyn on Tuesday night at Elsewhere which was their second show in the borough this week (Music Hall of Williamsburg was Sunday) and something like their eighth NYC show this year. There's a boozy swagger to much of what they do -- somewhere between the Pogues and Nick Cave -- but the new stuff, like "Pain Killer" and Beyondless' title track appeal to me more than the twangy sea shanty drinking songs. (I also think I like them better on record.) Elias is a great showman, though, drenched in sweat by the end as usual, and flinging himself into the crowd.

A Place to Bury Strangers were great as usual, surprising most of Elsewhere by beginning their set in the middle of the crowd in their "mini" setup with a drum machine. (They usually save this for the encore.) Bassist Dion Lunadon, sporting a serious Sam Elliot type mustache, climbed on the amp as what seemed like everyone in the place tried to get a picture. They then made their way to the stage to play "We've Come So Far" which had Oliver Ackermann smashing his beater guitar repeatedly against flashing strobes. It's a great one-two punch and I did think at the time it would be amazing if, just once, they just did those two songs and said "thank you and good night," leaving their instruments in a pile of rubble on the stage.

Glammy punks Vanity opened the night, who I missed but our photographer did not. Pictures from Elsewhere are in the gallery above.


photos by Ester Segretto

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