JFDR, aka Icelandic artist Jófríður Ákadóttir, has signed to Houndstooth and released her first single for the label. "The Orchid" is ethereal and orchestral, with strings and synths as a pillowy bed for Ákadóttir heavenly voice. She co-produced the song with Joshua Wilkinson and it was mixed by Shahzad Ismaily.

"“​​I call all my songs orchids," JFDR says. "I am obsessed with the flower. It’s a very cunning flower, its beauty has led it to become the most popular plant or flower in the world. It symbolizes (among other things) fertility, and I was thinking a lot about rebirth and a new beginning. Fertility, creativity, beauty and mystery are all embodied by the orchid.”

You can watch the video for "The Orchid" below.

We caught JFDR at Iceland Airwaves 2019 -- she was terrific -- and she will return to the festival in November.

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