Talbot’s call to “seize the day, all hold hands, chase the pricks away” during “Mr. Motivator” was met, naturally, by floor-wide moshing. It was the type of pit where if you get knocked down, everyone is there to pick you up with a smile before tossing you right back into the madness.

“What’s good Chicago,” said Talbot before leading an urgent rendition of “Mother,” absolutely riddled with crowd surfers. “These shows are good because the people are good. Thank you for coming and showing us love. I assure you the feeling is mutual.” [Eponymous Review]

IDLES perform at Lollapalooza on Saturday, and with the band already in Chicago, they played an official Aftershow on Thursday night (7/28) at Metro. It was a typically wild, joyous show full of shout-along anthems, crowd-surfing and sweaty bodies. Check out the setlist and video from IDLES' Metro show below.

Opening were Taipei Houston, the band featuring Lars Ulrich's sons, Myles and Layne Ulrich, who played Lollapalooza on Friday afternoon. Their dad's band, Metallica, headlined Lollapalooza on Thursday night.

Photos from the whole night by Christian Heinzel are in this post and continue below.

SETLIST: IDLES @ Metro, Chicago 7/28/2022
Car Crash
Mr. Motivator
Divide and Conquer
The Beachland Ballroom
Never Fight a Man With a Perm
The Wheel
I'm Scum
Danny Nedelko

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