As mentioned, Sharon Van Etten is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her sophomore album epic with a new album of covers of epic songs by Fiona Apple, Courtney Barnett and Vagabon, Lucinda Williams, Big Red Machine (Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon), Shamir, IDLES, and St. Panther. She recently released Big Red Machine's cover of "A Crime," and today we get IDLES' take on "Peace Signs."

IDLES take the calming indie folk of the original and turn it into the energetic punk of their own material. It's a drastically different rework, and it worked out pretty great, as Sharon herself seems to agree:

Sharon also had this to say about the cover:

I first met IDLES, randomly, at a brunch spot in Brooklyn while having a family & friends hang @ 2018. They were with our friend Tim who releases their music on Partisan Records. We met in passing, they seemed super sweet and we crossed paths again a year later at Glastonbury where I got to see them perform the day before my set, from afar. Their energy leaped over the crowd and into my heart. To stand apart in a festival is not easy. You could feel their sweat from the other side of the field. It left a mark. Then for festival season, we pretty much got to run into each other for about a week or two in the height of summer at Green Man, Lowlands, Pukkelpop… watching best friends having the best time under different circumstances every night and conveying positive messages through the angst of being a human being. One might not get the connection between our music, but as performers - and people - they were inspiring and magnetic. We kept in touch over social media after we bonded during those festivals, talked of family, tour, the balance… and after COVID hit, Joe, the singer, reached out to see if I would be a part of a talk show he started during this time. Getting his bandmates Danny and Ishmael Butler as additional guests to talk about current events as well as what they are going through personally, with a bit of silliness (free therapy? virtual pub?) added to the equation - I felt compelled to participate. Even though we are from different “worlds”, I feel very connected to IDLES and I hope they feel the same way. When I hear them covering “Peace Signs”, I hear another voice of mine deep from within. Special thanks to IDLES for coming into my world and making it theirs… and ours. X⁣

Listen to IDLES' cover and compare it to Sharon's original below.

epic Ten comes out April 16 via Ba Da Bing (pre-order), and Sharon will celebrate with livestreams on April 16 & 17 that will find Sharon and her band performing epic live from Zebulon LA, and which will also feature a short documentary about the making of the album. Tickets are on sale and benefit Zebulon.

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