Jackin Pop

Those following along basically know that Gawker media's newish music blog Idolator decided to do their own version of the Village Voice's annual Pazz and Jop poll this year. Pazz & Jop is the thing where a zillion critics submit their picks for the year's best music.

Idolator chose a dude named Michaelangelo Matos to run the project. Michaelangelo in turn was fired or banned from one of the Voice's parent company's other papers where he was also/previously working. At first I (and maybe Gawker too) thought that the Village Voice wasn't doing Pazz and Jop this year since Robert Christgau was fired and all that related bad stuff happening at the Voice. That was the rumor anyway. Ends up the Village Voice IS still doing it which means there are two competing surveys that critics and fans can choose to be associated with this year.

Idolator's critic policy seemed to be a lot more lenient, and so they supposedly got a lot more ballot submissions (like Pitchfork's Amy Philips, Rolling Stone's Anthony DeCurtis, Idolator's own Brian Raferty & Maura Johnston, ex-Voice employee Chuck Eddy, ex-Voice employee Robert Christgau himself, Time Out's Jay Ruttenberg, Tofu Hut's John Seroff, Fluxblog's Matthew Perpetua, Stylus' Todd Burns, Doveman's Thomas Bartlett, AND "YETI"). Critics can also submit to both - that's what Christgau is definitely doing. Current Village Voice employees were warned NOT to submit to Jackin' Pop........which is now complete.....

Stay tuned for what the Voice comes up with in February, and check out Heartonastick who's still busy compiling the blog version of this all.

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