Bakersfield, California's If It Kills You are named after a Drive Like Jehu song and they're clearly influenced by that band and other '90s post-hardcore bands, so it's a perfect fit that their upcoming album Invisible Self was produced by Jim Ward of Sparta and At the Drive In and that opening track "Parallel Lines" features guest guitar by Shelby Cinca of Frodus. They're clearly in great company, and it's no surprise that greats like Jim and Shelby wanted to work with them; "Parallel Lines" is a genuinely great song with a big, soaring hook that really rivals the '90s bands who influenced it.

"Connecting with the guys in If It Kills You during the lockdown phase of the craziness we’ve been going through was a real blessing for me," Jim Ward said. "Not only are they a great, creative band sonically, but the depth of lyrics and real intention was a joy to work with."

"It was super inspiring to work with Jim Ward on this record," drummer Tyler Patterson added. "It was invaluable to get his insight and advice on the record. Jim’s musical career itself is a huge influence on us. We are huge fans of At the Drive In and Sparta."

And about working with Shelby, vocalist/guitarist Justin Martin said, "Frodus is a big influence on our band. The album And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea is a personal top 10 for me. The frantic energy of Shelby's musicality was something we were ecstatic to have on our record."

The album comes out on April 1 and the track premieres in this post. Listen...

1. Parallel Lines (feat. Shelby Cinca)
2. Cloak & Dagger
3. Negative Forces
4. Impulse Response (feat. Ben Davis)
5. Distress Signal
6. Invisible Enemies (feat. Jim Ward)
7. Anti-Pattern (feat. Bill Taylor)
8. 205 Hz
9. Intruder


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