Iggy Pop has lent his distinctive pipes to the new single from UK duo The Lovely Eggs. Most of Iggy's features these days tend to be spoken word and that's the case here, and in fact it's just one word, "Moron." Iggy's utterance plays like a mantra in "I, Moron" which is a psychedelic punk jam. Watch the trippy animated video for it below.

In other news, Variety reports that Iggy has been tapped to narrate new documentary Tutankhamun: The Last Exhibition. The Italian-made film follows the history of the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh, from its discovery in 1929 through its many tours around the world, including what was its final traveling exhibit that got cut short due to COVID. (Will Steve Martin be in this?) The original Italian version of the documentary is narrated by musician Manuel Agnelli and producers told Variety they were looking for a similar feel for the international version. “When we heard his voice for the first time we said this is the voice,” said producer/cinematographer Sandro Vannini. “This is what we need for this film. The voice of Iggy Pop is simply incredible.” The film is currently looking for a U.S. distributor.

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