photos by P Squared

A 68-year-old shirtless man flails his arms around, his lanky hair flying, an intentionally moronic expression on his face. His muscles are sinewy; his skin sags a bit. He punches the air, runs in place, thumps over his shoulder as if trying to reach an itch in the middle of his back. A cordless microphone shoved down the front of his pants juts out comically like a giant erection.

The man isn't arrested: He's Iggy f---ing Pop, and the crowd at the United Palace Theater is loving every unhinged second of his act. - [Billboard]

Iggy Pop's Post Pop Depression tour hit NYC Tuesday night (4/12) where the rock n' roll icon (and his killer band of ringers) played the gorgeous United Palace Theatre. While his setlist has barely changed show-to-show, the song selection is pretty hard to argue with, heavy on the hits with just enough of his terrific new album in there, too. And as you can tell from these pictures, he continues to run around the stage like someone less than half his age.

Brooklyn's own Noveller opened the night and pictures from her set are below. Iggy plays Port Chester's Capitol Theatre on Thurday (4/14) and tickets are still available. More pics from United Palace below.



Iggy Pop

SETLIST: Iggy Pop @ United Palace 4/12/2016
Lust for Life
Sister Midnight
American Valhalla
In the Lobby
Some Weird Sin
German Days
Mass Production
The Passenger
China Girl

Break Into Your Heart
Fall in Love With Me
Repo Man
Chocolate Drops