Iggy Pop has surprise-released a new song on Bandcamp, his first time putting new music up on the platform since the Sly Stone cover (ft. Bootsy Collins) that he released on his 73rd birthday this past April.

"I was moved to write a direct lyric, not something too emotional or deep," Iggy said in a video explaining the song, "more like journalism: 'who, what, when where?' I left out the 'why' because that gets too complex, but I put in how I felt about it."

"It's been the big thing happening in my life -- and everybody else's, I reckon -- for almost a year now," he continued. "If there was still a man of the year, it'd be the virus."

It's a swaggering rock song that's similar to the stuff on Post Pop Depression, the 2016 album that Iggy made with Josh Homme that found him tapping into the style of his late '70s Bowie collaborations with new perspective (and a more grizzled voice). It also works in some free jazz trumpet soloing by Leron Thomas, nodding to the sax freakouts on Fun House. Listen below.