Cavalera Conspiracy, the band led by Sepultura co-founders Max and Igor Cavalera, returned in late November with their new album Psychosis. It was produced by the talented Arthur Rizk, who also played bass and synth on the album, and it features guest vocals by Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu), guest synth by Dominick Fernow (Prurient, Vatican Shadow), and more. Now that the year is coming to a close, we asked Igor Cavalera what his favorite albums of 2017 were. He sent a list that includes Integrity (whose Dwid Hellion included Psychosis on his list), Godflesh, Converge, Thee Oh Sees, Limp Wrist, Uniform, Blanck Mass, and more. Check out Igor's list, in no particular order, below.

Igor recently spoke to Psychosin of That Metal Station's "The Psychosin Project" about the new Cavalera Conspiracy album, and Blabbermouth transcribed a few chunks of the interview. Igor talked about the tour he and Max did playing Sepultura's Roots in full, and how that didn't inspire the making of Psychosis:

On whether the "Return To Roots" tour, which saw Max and Igor celebrating the 20th anniversary of SEPULTURA's classic album "Roots" by performing the LP in its entirety, inspired CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's latest output:

Igor: "I think it was quite the opposite. There's nothing on this record that reminds me of 'Roots'. So, I think the fact we revisited 'Roots', somehow, it's almost like when you do a side project, then you don't need to do certain things in a different project. Let's say, you feel like doing a ballad. Sometimes it doesn't really fit. Then, you could have a side project that fits something like that. It works. So, I think it was positive in the sense that we did 'Roots' where it was something we've done and then it was time to do 'Psychosis', our mind was not really into 'Roots', it was somewhere else."

On playing all of "Roots" 20 years after its original release:

Igor: "It's fun. It is a really cool exercise for any musician, then of course, as a fan, I go to see certain bands that I didn't have a chance to see when they're out. Even BLACK FLAG, who is a band I grew up listening to in Brazil. I had the second chance to see them just last year. If they didn't do what we did with 'Return To Roots', I wouldn't have had the chance to see it. As a fan, I think it's a really cool thing."

You can read more here and stream Psychosis below.

As for Max Cavalera, his band Soulfly recently toured playing Point Blank, the sole album by Max's mid-'90s project Nailbomb. Soulfly are touring again in 2018 with tech-death greats Nile, who are planning a new Erik Rutan-produced album for 2018. That tour hits NYC on April 19 at Gramercy Theatre (tickets).

Igor Cavalera's Top 10 Albums of 2017 (in no particular order)
1. Thee Oh Sees “Orc”
2. Integrity “Howling For the Nightmare”
3. Godflesh “Postself"
4. Full Of Hell “Trumpeting Ecstasy”
5. Limp Wrist “Facades”
6. Uniform “Wake in Fright”
7. Charlie Parr and Friends “The January Thaw series”
8. NIHILOXICA “nihiloxica”
9. Converge “The dusk in us”
10. Blanck Mass “World Eater”

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