Black metal legend Ihsahn of Emperor has a new solo album on the way. It's called Arktis and it hits on April 8 via Candlelight. Judging from the music that's been released so far, it's going to be a serious trip. He's already released the synth-laden metal banger "Mass Darkness" and the groovy, proggy "Pressure," and now he's thrown a serious curveball with the release of new song "Crooked Red Line" via NPR.

The new song is a gloomy smooth-jazz ballad, complete with sax-shredding courtesy of Shining frontman Jørgen Munkeby. It cruises along as if it's never heard of Emperor, broken up only by a thunderous metal section right in the middle. Always one to delight in subverting expectations, this is a particularly exciting left turn for Ihsahn, and the album can't come soon enough.

Listen to all three of those songs below.