Swedish home decor giants IKEA talked about making turntables a few years ago, but it never panned out -- they do have speakers, though -- but it's now actually happening, thanks to a collaboration, natch, with Swedish House Mafia.  The turntable is part of the OBEGRÄNSAD collection made with the EDM stars that's set to launch this fall.

“Before meeting with Swedish House Mafia, we decided not to go into electronics too much, because of the challenges they pose," says IKEA engineer Carmen Stoicescu. "But then one of the guys from the band started talking about making a record player, and all of a sudden, I forgot everything we had discussed...When the question came to me, I just said, ‘We actually tried to do a record player before, so we could use the same supplier maybe?’”

IKEA designer Friso Wiersma says SHM's Axwell told him, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you could buy a record player as a gift for a friend?’, and that became sort of a brief. To make something so simple, so accessible, and sort of plug-and-play that you could basically buy it as a gift for anyone who enjoys music."

The OBEGRÄNSAD turntable is striking, and very IKEA, a blocky black square with a platter carved into it. The front has two switches: On/Off and 33/45. “Today you see a lot of slim record players that are almost trying to hide, but we wanted something very bold, and we wanted the record player to be a very physical manifestation of music”, says Friso. “Everything with Swedish House Mafia is a very conscious statement. I really like that approach. Music is a big part of my life as well. I would want to showcase that in my interior too”.

“In the previous project, we tried giving a specific design to all parts, but with OBEGRÄNSAD, we tried to limit the molds," Stoicescu says. "We wanted to make it simple, mechanical – so we looked into what gives the best sound, and we put all our eggs in that basket.”

The turntable is USB powered and features an Audio Technica cartridge, and both analogue outputs and bluetooth capability. No word on the price yet.  As for the rest of the Swedish House Mafia OBEGRÄNSAD collection, it includes "more than 20 furniture pieces, interior solutions, and accessories for up and coming music producers, DJs, and creators with limited means but unlimited creativity." Among those items: "The Music Desk" designed for music production, and "The Listening Chair." Check out pics of those below.


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