Immersion, the duo of Wire's Colin Newman and Malka Spigel, will release a new album, Nanocluster Vol. 1, which features four sets of collaborations with Tarwater, Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier, Ulrich Schnauss, and Scanner. The album is out September 4 via Newman and Spigel's swim ~ label.

The album was born out of performances at Nanocluster, a Brighton-based club night run by Spigel and Newman along with writer/broadcaster/DJ Graham Duff, and promoter Andy Rossiter. “It could have just been a series of performances.” says Newman. “But the fact that we had built the tracks in the studio for the performances means we had these recordings” adds Spigel. “I think the really interesting thing is how different everybody is, both as people and creatively.”

We've got the premiere of the video for "Riding the Wave," one of the collaborations with Sadier. It's very clearly an Immersion song and a Laetitia Sadier song, even though she doesn't sing lead on it, and the video plays off the title nicely. "In terms of that the song is about surviving & thriving in difficult situations by 'Riding the Wave' and looking back through the years to see how often things worked out ok even when times were hard," says Newman. "We hope to illustrate that in the video through a combination of immersive beauty & humour. The footage was shot in Cornwall & Brighton, mainly by Malka and we put it together here."

Newman adds, "In terms of the music it’s an atypical piece from an atypical album. Laetitia came to this project wanting to project something else besides being "the singer" and this song exemplifies that as Laetitia provided the chord sequence and pace of the piece through the guitars while we provided the vocal melodies. It has a template that we would never come up with in a million years! With the production the main idea was to keep it light & flowing." Watch the video for "Riding the Wave" below.

Immersion with Tarwater, Laetitia Sadier, Ulrich Schnauss and Scanner nanocluster
Nanocluster Collaborators Photo

Immersion with Tarwater, Laetitia Sadier, Ulrich Schnauss and Scanner - 'Nanocluster Vol. 1' tracklist:

Immersion featuring Tarwater
1. Ripples // 2. Mrs. Wood // 3. All You Cat Lovers

Immersion featuring Laetitia Sadier
4. Unclustered // 5. Uncencored // 6. Riding The Wave

Immersion featuring Ulrich Schnauss
7. Remember Those Days On The Road // 8. Skylarks // 9. So Much Green

Immersion featuring Scanner
10. Cataliz // 11. Metrosphere // 12. The Mundane And The Profound

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