This year, the iconic jazz institution Impulse! Records celebrates their 60th anniversary, and they're commemorating the milestone with a handful of special releases, to be unveiled over the span of a year-long campaign.

Releases include a Thelonius Monk record store day exclusive, a series of high-fidelity album reissues, an Alice Coltrane rarity, a various artists box set, a new video series, and more. The first video released is a deep dive about the making of John Coltrane's classic A Love Supreme, and you can watch that right here:

Also today, Impulse! launched pre-orders for the box set, titled Impulse Records: Music, Message, and the Moment. Here's more on that, via press release:

Today marks the pre-order for Impulse Records: Music, Message & The Moment, a 4-LP museum drop-front box set that tells the story of the political, social and spiritual facets of the artists and music of Impulse! Records. Impulse! was at its prolific height throughout the 1960s, a decade marked by political protest, racial unrest, social revolution, dismantling institutions – not unlike our current times. Jazz was an integral part of exploring Black identity and pushing cultural and political boundaries and conversations, as outlined in the box set essays by poet and critic A.B. Spellman and critic Greg Tate, both of whom offer vital perspective on the importance of this label, the artists and music that flowed through it, and the cultural backdrop.

The set features a curation of music that speaks to the political, social and spiritual elements that were swirling in the music during this time. Conversations about civil rights were echoed in records such as John Coltrane's Alabama, Archie Shepp's Attica Blues, John and Alice Coltrane's Reverend King, Charlie Haden and the Liberation Orchestra's We Shall Overcome, and Oliver Nelson's The Rights Of All. Spirituality, transcendentalism, and Afrofuturism offered a higher plane of existence and identity through the music of Albert Ayler, Pharoah Sanders, John Coltrane and Alice Coltrane. The historical importance of social music too is reflected in the works of Quincy Jones, John Handy and more.

Watch an unboxing video for the box set below.

And here's more on the Alice Coltrane rarity, Turiya Sings:

This summer, Impulse! Records will release a true rarity, Turiya Sings, by Alice Coltrane. Turiya Sings is a record of devotional chants recorded in the early 1980s at her ashram – the only place it was ever available. It is Alice Coltrane at peak spirituality and features her playing organ and chanting. A version of this music was released on cassette in 1982, with synth and strings added, but never released after. For the first time ever, Turiya Sings will be released in its purest form – just organ and voice –as Alice's son and reissue producer Ravi Coltrane has long wanted to do. This was the wish of her son and jazz musician Ravi Coltrane who heard the original tapes. Turiya Sings (Deluxe Edition) will feature both versions of this spiritual recording – both remixed, remastered and released for the first time digitally and physically on CD and LP.

Impulse! also has a handful of new albums coming in 2021 from Sons of Kemet (due spring), Brandee Younger (due summer), and Pino Palladino/Blake Mills (due March 12). The Pino Palladino/Blake Mills album is called Notes With Attachments and a song from that one, "Just Wrong," is out now and streaming below.

Regarding the year-long campaign, Jamie Krents, EVP of Verve and Impulse, said:

Impulse! Records has an important and enduring legacy that we are proud to celebrate during this anniversary year. We are thrilled to unveil new music, visual content, merchandise, partnerships and more. The famous orange label has been the musical home to progressive artists that pushed the boundaries of music, thought, and culture. Impulse! continues this legacy with a commitment to our history, and our future with artists like Shabaka and Brandee, who both carry the torch and blaze new trails. We are proud to share the story of this remarkable label with the world in this, its 60th year.

You can view a full catalog of 60th-anniversary releases below and find out more information on Impulse!'s website.


* 4-LP Box Set Impulse Records: Music, Message & The Moment (May 2021)

* Remixed, Reimagined Rarity from Alice Coltrane Turiya Sings Never Before Released Digitally or on LP, CD (Summer 2021)

* New Video Series Deep-Dive

* Impulse! Records Acoustic Sounds Series: Ray Charles, Gil Evans, Charles Mingus and more

* Thelonious Monk Palo Alto – Custodian's Mix Record Store Day exclusive (June 2021)

* New 2021 Frontline Releases from Sons of Kemet, Brandee Younger, Pino Palladino/Blake Mills

* Impulse! Records Website and Webstore Relaunch + Fixed Playlists Launch Impulse! 60: The Best of Impulse! Records, On Impulse: John Coltrane, On Impulse: Charles Mingus, On Impulse: Sonny Rollins and many more coming soon

* Partnership with Jazz Is Dead including a bespoke t-shirt, poster, and collaborative content

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