The Annex

I just got an email asking if there was any truth to my post about LES club the Annex closing. That reminded me that I did leave that one with a "?" on it. So just to confirm, the venue closed on September 12th.

Ruff Club held their final party there on September 11th. On September 17th, DJ & promoter Spencer Product wrote:

As we close in on the one week anniversary of the end of three and a half years of Ruff Club..and the Annex, I think (as I speak for myself) recovery has been reached. It was an epic evening. Men were great live ! The A.R.E. Weapons kicked ass as usual and everyone who came made this night amazing ! Thank YOU, New York ! Stay tuned to this website for new events, projects, ideas, thoughts, pictures ...and whatever the hell else we decide to put up! Love, Product

Ruff Club's Danny Le Nimh then posted a video of his final walk through of the club on September 16th. You can watch that below...

The Annex in the LES of NYC closed on September 12th 2009. I went there on the 16th to collect all the various things that I had left there...sound, lighting etc...made this little video with my iPhone as one last memory. This is how it looked...

Damn I will miss that place and throwing RUFF CLUB there...


- Denny Le Nimh

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