Earlier today, we posted a list of 28 essential songs from the shoegaze / heavy crossover, including Hopesfall's collaboration with Hum's Matt Talbott and Failure's classic "Saturday Savior," so with all that kinda stuff on our minds, that makes now a very good time to learn that Hopesfall guitarist/songwriter Ryan Parrish's other band In Parallel have a new EP on the way that was mixed by Failure frontman Ken Andrews.

"We've been big fans of Ken Andrews work for nearly two decades. When it came time to mix the EP, Mark asked who would be at the top of the list and we jokingly threw Ken's name out there thinking there's zero possibility it would ever happen," Ryan tells us. "Unbeknownst to us, Mark tracked down Ken's email address and sent him a few songs. Ken wrote back within a day or two and said he'd love to work on it - we were blown away. Sonically speaking, he really shaped and added to the depth of Fashioner. We could not be happier with the end result."

The Fashioner EP drops September 4 via Wiretap Records, and we're premiering its eight-and-a-half minute lead single "Leave It With The Ghost." If you dig the Hum/Failure style of heavy shoegaze, you should definitely not sleep on this. It starts out on the slowcore side of things, with thick electric guitar tones, a jangly acoustic, and spacey atmospherics all swirling together, and it gradually builds to a hypnotic instrumental climax that really transports you to another world. Listen and watch the video below.