Move over 311 frontman covering Turnstile, Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd has just released a cover of "Myth" by dream pop greats Beach House. He turns it into a jangly acoustic song but otherwise stays pretty faithful to the original, and his version's not bad at all. (And hopefully it'll help gain Beach House some new fans.) It comes with a vintage-looking video directed by Sarah Hay, and it follows his recent cover of Jermaine Clement's "Goodbye Moonmen" from Rick and Morty. Watch below.

Meanwhile, Incubus recently did an extensive interview with SPIN, in which they discussed the state of their summer tour with 311 (which actually was just cancelled - see below), their new EP Trust Fall (Side B), what they've been doing in quarantine, and the idea of a 20th anniversary tour for 2001's Morning View. Brandon said:

That would be so much fun to do a Morning View reunion tour. I think we did it once, didn’t we? At that La Brea arts space? Didn’t we do Morning View all the way through that one time? [The group murmurs “yes.”]

What was awesome for me about Make Yourself and playing it through 40-something times … There were so many things that were cool about it, but not the least of which is that it was fun every single night to play that album from front to back. And we have other albums we’ve written that aren’t as much fun to play from front to back. There are certain songs, like, “Ugh, God, here we go with this one.” It’s pretty great that we made something 20-plus years ago that’s still enjoyable to perform. And then obviously I think it goes without saying that it’s pretty amazing to take that experience to so many different places and have the audience be just as happy about hearing a record that’s 20-plus years old and being really stoked to have that experience with us. It can’t be overstated enough. It was a really, really special thing. I’m so happy that you were at the Greek Theatre. I remember that show being a lot of fun.

You can read more here.

UPDATE: The tour with 311 has been officially cancelled:

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