Indecision/Most Precious Blood vocalist Tom Sheehan has a new band with Mindforce members Mike Shaw (guitar) and Jay Peta (drums), as well as bassist Jack Xiques who plays in Pillars of Ivory with Jay (and Age of Apocalypse), and they just dropped their first demo on Triple B Records today.

"Jay and I discussed putting together a band for Tom. I had been wanting to do a band where the bass was the lead instrument, so we used that as the foundation of our sound," Mike told No Echo, and Tom added, "Those dudes recorded the 4 songs without me even being aware of it. Jay then hit me up to tell me about the idea and I was stoked. I had an email called 'SOIA bass groove band' a few minutes later."

"We didn’t want to overthink the arrangements and the goal was to keep the guitar parts simple," Mike added, "It was a nice change to just back up the bass lines."

You can definitely hear that no-frills approach coming through on these four ripping songs, and Tom's vocals are perfect for them. The whole demo is one hell of a listen, as you can check out for yourself below...


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