Indian Jewelry @ Death By Audio, NYC - May 2008 (Lori Baily)
Indian Jewelry

Indian Jewelry return to NYC soon. One of the shows I already wrote about - July 4th @ The Yard w/ Ponytail and many others (which by the was was reduced from $10 to $8 with RSVP). The other two are even sooner - this week actually. Here's a review of a recent show:

This tour's version of Indian Jewelry was a three piece, as opposed to the different five-piece configuration they were sporting at SXSW. But just like last time, they cut off all the lights and aimed a very large strobe light at the audience to obscure themselves. The threesome each traded off from song to song between 4 basic instrument stations: A table with drum machines and other electronic devices, a guitar going through a ton of pedals, a microphone going through a ton of pedals, and a minimalist drum kit.

Exact dates below....

Indian Jewelry - 2008 Tour Dates
Jun 25 - Cake Shop w/ Lotto Ball, Pocahaunted, Intl Shades y mas
Jun 27 - Glasslands w/ Mazing Vids, S.S. Pyramid Snake
Jul 4 - the Yard w/ PonyTail, Power Douglas, Marnie Stern, Double Dagger, the Apes

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