The latest band to announce a reissue/release for The Numero Group is influential Oakland emo/post-hardcore band Indian Summer. The short-lived band were only around from 1993 to 1994, but the music they released during that time went on to inspire countless bands and their influence still lives on today. (Band member Marc Bianchi also later had success under the moniker Her Space Holiday.) Indian Summer's discography was compiled for the essential 2002 release Science 1994, and they're now putting out the new complete discography compilation, Giving Birth To Thunder, on September 13 via Numero Group. The description reads:

The fourth leg on the early emo table of Rites of Spring, Moss Icon, and Cap’n Jazz, Indian Summer’s Giving Birth To Thunder compiles their complete discography. Emo’s second wave crashed into the Bay Area in the summer of 1994 in a rage-filled capsule of quiet and loud, octave chords, angry sons, Spock haircuts, and screaming. At the eye of this pissed-for-the-hell-of-it storm were Indian Summer. In the quartet’s 12-month existence they wrote ten songs, appeared on half a dozen singles and comps, and played over 100 gigs across the U.S. and Canada before burning out, passing out, and moving out of their Blue House in Oakland. Their hand-screened aesthetic is replicated in alarming detail in the accompanying by 28-page book with detailed liner notes, flyers, and miscellaneous propaganda.

Listen to "Woolworm" from Giving Birth To Thunder and view the tracklist below.

Oakland's Indian Summer is not to be confused with the DC/VA band of the same name and genre, who included future members of Chisel, Edsel,and Pelt, and whose J Robbins-produced EP and 1988 demo was reissued earlier this year.

Aren’t You, Angel?
Reflections on Milkweed
Sugar Pill
I Think Your Train Is Leaving
Touch The Wing of an Angel… Doesn’t Mean You Can Fly

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