Not only did Indianapolis indie rapper Sirius Blvck's group 81355 just release their debut album This Time I'll Be of Use on Justin Vernon and Aaron & Bryce Dessner's 37d03d label, Sirius will release his fourth solo album Cinephile on July 23 via Near Mint (pre-order). The first single is the Bobby Tryll-produced "World's Smallest Violin," which is a real head-nod-inducer that comes with a powerful message, as Sirius explains:

The ones in power, the billionaires who hoard resources and sell weapons to foreign countries that are then used to kill women and children. They are playing the world’s smallest violin, for us the workers and the waitresses. The result of those choices they made on our behalf are portrayed in the images you see in the video. It’s a mix of Human interactions, Programming, propaganda and destruction. It’s also just a cool song. I dig the juxtaposition of an upbeat song with dark subject matter.

Watch the video (by Chris Kelsey) below...

Out Of My Body
Back 2 Business
World's Smallest Violin
Internet Crash
Just Another Day
Natural Disaster
Switch It Up Freestyle
Crash Test Dummy (Bonus Track)
Give Em Hell (Bonus Track)


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