We're more than halfway through the year but with the way COVID-19 has played havoc with release dates and everything else -- and the way time doesn't seem to function normally -- it could be May or October. We've still got the autumn to come but it seemed like a good time to take stock in what records we've gotten so far this year as far as this column Indie Basement is concerned.

I did a list back in early April, when it still seemed possible there might be a return to going to see live shows and other things we used to normally do, and many of those records are still here, but a few have slid out of the Top 20 and others have made their way in. I still think my favorite record from then is still my #1, but there will be no proclamations and official rankings till December, though who can really imagine anything past Election Day right now.

Till then, these are Indie Basement's Favorite 20 records of the year to date, in alphabetical order.



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