Jessi Klein The cover of the "New York Pulse" (inside the NY Post) today features NYC's indie comedians ("Alt-mockers"). These are the very comedians you often see covered on this blog, the Apiary, Gothamist, and...well every other blog. Jessi Klein (pictured) and Paul Sheer, who performed in Gothamist's Laughable Hype show two weeks ago, are pictured. Bobby Tisdale & Eugene Mirman, the stars of Piano's recent Invite Them Up taping, are there too.

The article begins...

"Here's how a young comic in New York City can tell if they're funny: The Shins ask you to be their opening act. You go to a Bright Eyes show and Conor Oberst's fans mob you. Wilco's Jeff Tweedy races down to see your act - right after he's played a sold-out show at the Garden - and quotes your own material to your face. You're sitting at home, watching 'The O.C.' and Seth Cohen name-checks your show."

Read it: Clowning from the Underground
NOTE: It's a NY Post link so you have to register. It's not that hard.


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