Springfield, IL's Attic Salt make catchy, unfussy, indie-pop punk that's not far removed from bands like Joyce Manor and Swearin', and they're gearing up to follow their 2017 self-titled debut album with their sophomore LP, Get Wise, on September 25 via Jump Start Records (pre-order). We're premiering lead single "Mud" and its video, and here's what the band tells us about it:

“Mud” is actually the last song that came together right before we went into the studio to record Get Wise. Written by Alyssa Currie during a downpour, the song really came together during recording. Being such a new song, and all of us recording separately, it became an instant favorite of ours once it was finished.

With the video we wanted it to be relaxed. Being our first video, we were unsure if we should do it ourselves or not but ultimately decided, let’s do it! The entire video was shot during a cookout on our phone. Post production was handled by us as well. Really no theme to it. Shot at our practice space, we just wanted to have fun with it.

It is indeed fun, as you can see/hear for yourself right here:

Attic Salt
artwork by JP Flexner

1. Last Song 01:37
2. Beautiful Lies 02:08
3. Mud 02:37
4. Washington Street 02:46
5. Undiscovered 03:33
6. Fool 4 U 01:59
7. Souvenir 02:11
8. MOD 01:49
9. Snow Day 03:08
10. Truck Stop 02:42


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