Minneapolis' Lumpy is gearing up to release a new album, Burn The Page, on October 18 via Ska Punk International (pre-order). As you'd probably expect from the record label he's on, there's some ska in Lumpy's DNA, and there's a little ska on lead single "House Plant," but it's more like a quirky indie pop song that falls somewhere between They Might Be Giants and AJJ. Lumpy, aka Bryan Highhill, says, "I’ve had this song the longest. I started writing it before I put out my last album. It’s gone through many iterations but I like this one the best. Originally, it was much longer, more beefed out with melodies and instruments, and had a ton more parts. I ended up splitting it into what became two songs on this album - 'House Plant' and 'Burn the Page.'"

Check out the song and its video (by Lumpy and David Mulrennan) below.


1. House Plant
2. One With You
3. Back to the Earth
4. Loudest of the Metaphors
5. Old Pictures
6. I Never Saw This Coming
7. The Other Side
8. Restless
9. Deflated
10. My Own Terms
11. Further From You
12. Burn The Page

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