Indigo Girl

I was never an Indigo Girls fan, and for whatever reason, the inner immature child in me still thinks it's funny just to say their name ("Indigo Girls. ha ha ha! worst! ever!...").... They're probably amazing. My experience is limited to, like, "Galileo"....

I already mentioned that I thought it was funny interesting that PJ Harvey (who is playing Irving Plaza tonight (3/26)!) was opening for the Indigo Girls at Stubb's during SXSW. Even more interesting, was that the special guest at the Perez Hilton SXSW party was not, as rumored, Britney Spears, but was in fact the Indigo Girls (on the same bill as Ladyhawke, Ida Maria, Little Boots, etc...).

I have since also found out that the Indigo Girls have at least three NYC shows coming up. The first is tonight, March 26th, at the very tiny Living Room on the Lower East Side (file under big artist playing very small venue), and after that it's Highline Ballroom on April 15th (file under Tax Day concerts), and finally a much larger headlining performance this summer (June 16) at Central Park Summerstage (file under who is playing Central Park Summerstage this year).

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