Singer/songwriter Indigo Sparke began leaving a mark on the Australian music scene with her 2016 EP Night Bloom, and she since moved to the US -- living between New York, Minneapolis, and and LA -- where she linked up with the Big Thief crew, who ended up contributing to her just-announced debut album Echo. Big Thief singer/guitarist Adrianne Lenker and frequent Big Thief producer Andrew Sarlo co-produced the album with Indigo, and Big Thief members James Krivchenia (drums) and Max Oleartchik (bass) both play on it. It also features glockenspiel by Nick Hakim (on "Baby"), co-writing by Shahzad Ismaily (on "Dog Bark Eecho"), and engineering/mixing by Phil Weinrobe (who's also worked with Big Thief members Adrianne Lenker and Buck Meek, as well as Leonard Cohen and others).

"When writing and recording the record, I wondered how it would all come together," Indigo said. "I felt like I was standing back in the desert, looking up at the blue night sky, wondering how all the stars would connect. I think sometimes it’s the dark matter or void space between them, that holds it all together. This record is an ode to death and decay. And the restlessness I feel to belong to something greater."

"Adrianne and I talked so much about keeping the record stripped back and simple," Indigo continues, "that is, we are all just constantly getting stripped back and humbled by life."

Adrianne herself added, "I had the privilege and pleasure of getting to help Indigo put these recordings together back in April and throughout 2019. These songs became near and dear to me, and it was beautiful to help build the billowy landscapes within them. Indigo's writing and voice are ethereal and angelic and guide me through internal canyons and plains. I'm deeply grateful to have been part of this and to have gotten to play and sing along side Indigo, and to have been able to eternalize a very special space and time with her, which I will always cherish."

The first single is the aforementioned "Baby," and if you like the hushed, delicate folk of Adrianne's own material, you're probably going to like this song too. Indigo is a natural, and this song hooks you in with little more than her voice and guitar.

"I think love is quite sadly beautiful and haunting, to be at the mercy of the tides of love, to let it turn you inside out and distill you into something magnificent or strip you bare," Indigo says of the new song. "I think this song came from dreams and endless love letters sent back and forth across oceans in the forms of songs. So much hope and fear and a burning star shining with just that one persons image... and the lullaby, there is only love. Sometimes it feels like you are canoeing in the river in the sky searching for this person who truly sees you and sometimes it comes along in the most unexpected ways. It can feel so achy. The longing."

The album comes out January 29 (pre-order). Listen to the new song and view the tracklist below.

1. Colourblind
2. Undone
3. Bad Dreams
4. Carnival
5. Dog Bark Echo
6. Golden Age
7. Wolf
8. Baby
9. Everything Everything

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