Fredericksburg, Virginia screamo band Infant Island, who released not one but two great records this year (Beneath and Sepulcher), are now putting out a compilation called Collections 1 featuring "extras, remixes, rarities, and demos from between 2016 and June 2020." All proceeds "for the time being" will be donated to the Richmond Community Bail Fund. The band writes:

We had initially planned to surprise release this for the upcoming Bandcamp fee-free day, but in light of the Black Lives Matter protests happening across the US we decided that we should release it early and put the proceeds towards helping protestors in our communities. We'll be releasing a track every day this week, and the whole compilation on Friday.

[...] There were tons of arrests in Richmond last night, and there will likely be more in the coming days. We will be donating every night to make sure that the bail fund receives as much money in a timely manner as possible.

Today's track is an alternate version of "Small Differences" from our self-titled album. We initially recorded the drums and guitar for it in 2017 and never finished it until now.

You can stream the just-released version of "Small Differences" below and pre-order the full album for this Friday (6/5) here.


Infant Island-related band Mattachine are also releasing their new EP Isolation as a Form of Torture this Friday on Zegema Beach Records.

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