Two Team Dresch-related bands, Infinite X's and Longstocking (both featuring Tamala Poljak), will be putting out remastered reissues on February 5 via Jealous Butcher Records (pre-order). Longstocking will reissue their sole album, 1997's Once Upon a Time Called Now, as well as release the new Singles and Demos: 1994—1998 compilation, and Infinite X's will reissue their sole, self-titled, 2002 album. Both albums were originally released on Donna Dresch's Chainsaw Records, and this reissue will be the first-ever vinyl and digital releases for both.

Reminiscing on how Infinite X's came to be, Jody Bleyle (also of Team Dresch and Hazel) said, "It was the turn of the century and people were moving toward electroclash. There was a real sense that everything was going to be new, but some of us still loved our guitars and acoustic drums and still wanted to feel that rock energy. We came together around that desire." They recorded their album with Richard Baluyut of Versus producing and Alex Newport (At the Drive In, Knapsack, Bloc Party, etc) engineering, and they came out with a batch of super catchy indie-pop punk songs that still sound fresh today.

"IXS has a ‘sound’ but there’s also a pretty clear distinction that it’s three different songwriters," says Tamala, "which is why the album is truly unique."

We're premiering the stream of the remastered "Joanna" from the Infinite X's album. "I wrote this song a year before I met and fell in love with a girl named Joanna," Tamala says. "The song just came out in one sitting…. with very few edits and only two chords the whole way through. It was also difficult to play live because the drum machine part is relentlessly monotonous (poor Scotty!)"

Scotty [Walsh] adds, "I remember Tamala had a Moog and a drum machine and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen with them. Then playing this song live, trying to recreate the sound of the drum machine, you just can’t do it."

And Jody adds, "We tried to tap into the healing power of pure rock energy, add some hooks, harmonies, and sing-along lyrics, and just feel it all. I love harmonizing with Tamala, especially when we cross from low to high in the chorus."

Listen to "Joanna," along with two previously released tracks from the Infinite X's and Longstocking reissues and the artwork and tracklist for all three LPs, below.

Infinite X's

Infinite X's - Infinite X's Tracklist
Welcome To The Show
Brand New Reconnection
What I Believe (for Donna & Kaia)
The Body’s Beat
Side B
Shoot ‘Em In The Foot
A Thousand Ways
No One Else
A Funny Place To Start To Cry
Chosen One


Longstocking - Once Upon a Time Called Now Tracklist
Teenage Angst at 27
Jehu On A Rollercoaster
Passing the Crown
Goddess (Pt. 4)
Side B
Radio Agony
Not A Jerk
Oscar Night


Longstocking - Singles and Demos: 1994—1998 Tracklist
Chance To Laugh
Behind Me Beside Me
Rocking Chair
Tired Of Dying
You Make Me Sick
Over Me
Goddess (Demo)
Iguana In A Spelling Bee
Yarnspinner #2
Equator (Poop Alley Sessions)
The Lonely Grasseater
Why (Jehu On A Rollercoaster Demo)
Child Star
Never Nowhere
Will You Stay?
Something Else I Could Never Change

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