The Innocence Mission's Karen Peris has announced a new solo album, A Song is Way Above the Lawn, which will be out October 8 via Bella Union. Made with her husband and bandmate Don Peris and their children Drew and Anna, she describes it as "An illustrated album, for kids or for anyone who might like songs about walking under trees in a city, seeing dogs from a car window, reading, encountering gentle lions in the public library, listening to the first sounds of the morning, looking at stars, thinking about giraffes, and elephants, and the beauty of the world, the possibility contained in a tiny moment of a day."

"I like that it’s possible to re-travel some of the wide open expanse of childhood imagination and wonder," Karen goes on to say. "The thing is, I don’t really feel that far away from those places even now, and I’m sure that’s a universal thought. The moments I’m telling about in the songs, and the wonder and the curiosity – I still feel so much of it, just as anyone does. I didn’t want to be an adult saying to a child, 'This is how you feel.' It’s more like saying, just as a person talking with another person, 'Isn’t this how we all feel, and isn’t that a mystery of life, too, that we are all so connected?' So, most of the songs are written in the first person."

While the album may have children in mind, Karen brings the same autumnal beauty to these songs as she does to The Innocence Mission, as you can hear on the lovely first single, "I Would Sing Along," which is based on The Elephant Listening Project, an organization that has been studying the sounds African elephants use to communicate with each other, trying to decipher their meaning. The visualizer, which uses the illustrations from the album's inner sleeve, makes it all more clear. Check that out below.

The Innocence Mission released the wonderful See You Tomorrow last year.

01 “Superhero”
02 “To The Library”
03 “I Would Sing Along”
04 “For A Giraffe”
05 “This Is A Song In Wintertime”
06 “Map For The Orange Daylight”
07 “Sister Birds”
08 “George In The Car”
09 “A Song Is Way Above The Lawn”
10 “Flowers”