In a rare, exciting show, Boston-based death metal outfit Innumerable Forms have a show coming up in NYC. The group rarely plays live because, well, it isn't technically a group, and its sole member is one of the busiest men in heavy music. The solo death project of Justin DeTore has only an EP and a few singles to their name, but it's so good and so brutal that a chance to see it done live is exciting even with that limited catalogue.

Justin plays in roughly 1 million bands in the Boston area, including the great doom outfit Magic Circle, hardcore rippers Boston Strangler, the NWOBHM-y Stone Dagger, and more. The current live lineup of Innumerable forms also features members of great bands like Power Trip, Mammoth Grinder, Mind Eraser, Rival Mob, Iron Lung and more, so this should be an exciting show. It goes down on August 27th at The Well. The bill also includes Boston's Coagula (who played with Inter Arma the last time they were in NYC), and locals Lucid Terror. Tickets for this one will be available at the door.

Listen to the 2012 Innumerable Forms collection Frozen to Death below. And check out pics of their 2010 show at the now-closed Acheron.