Controversial black metal band Inquisition were dropped by Season of Mist after MetalSucks ran an article about a 2009 court case where frontman Jason “Dagon” Weirbach pleaded guilty to child pornography charges (which Dagon denies happening). They are also no longer playing Maryland Deathfest, and Satyricon have dropped them from the North American tour they had planned together for May. Inquisition broke the news:

Inquisition extends its appreciation to all fans and individuals who have supported us throughtout its career. A thank you will never be enough to express our level of regard to you.

Inquisition has been dropped from the Satyricon tour.

Inquisition will continue; in the mean time we respect everones position and will allow time to control the chaos over its own horizons into its own order.

Once again our greatest level of appreciation to you.

As far as we can tell, no announcement on Satyricon's end yet.

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