It's safe to assume most Juggalos, aka fans of Insane Clown Posse, love Faygo and face paint, but it's a far leap from there to compare them to the presidency of Donald Trump, or to the terrorists who stormed the Capitol building earlier this month. However, that's what The Atlantic writer Graeme Wood did, in an essay titled "What to Do With Trumpists":

At noon tomorrow, our four-year experiment in being governed by the political equivalent of the Insane Clown Posse will finally end. It is ending in Juggalo style (some have called it “Trumpalo”), violently and pointlessly, with a handful of deaths, the smearing of various bodily fluids, and a riot on the way out. After any bacchanal of this magnitude, the sober dawn is almost as disorienting as the hysteria itself—and the most urgent task, after wiping the shit from the Capitol hallways, is to prevent a repeat performance.

ICP's Violent J criticized the comparison, calling it "off the mark." Speaking to Huffington Post, he said, "I can’t believe would hire a writer, presumably for his expertise in journalism who’s that off the mark, as well as an editor for his or her fact checking abilities who obviously lives within a reality separate from our own when it comes to defining who Juggalos truly are and what they’re about."

"The truth is it fuckin’ hurts and [it’s] scary seeing professional adults acting like savage bullies," he continued, calling Juggalos “easy targets because they’re so misunderstood."

"Sad little bullshit like this makes me question the media in general and [lose] a little faith in just about [everything] I fuckin read!", Violent J continued to Huffington Post.

As Violent J mentioned, Insane Clown Posse and their fans are no strangers to being misunderstood; after being labeled a "loosely organized hybrid gang" by the FBI, thousands of Juggalos marched on Washington DC in 2017 to protest the designation. Later that year, courts threw out a lawsuit filed by ICP in 2014 protesting the label.

Check out pictures from the March of the Juggalos in the gallery below.

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