Metallic hardcore greats Integrity have followed their recent split with Krieg with a cover of the Ozzy Osbourne classic "Bark at the Moon" for Halloween. They keep a lot of the original's guitar work intact, but they give the song just a bit more of a hardcore twist and Dwid Hellion's vocals are as harsh as ever. It's a fun cover, and you can check it out below.

Integrity have two Baltimore shows coming up in January with Genocide Pact, Devil Master, and Dwid Helion's Psywarfare project on night one; and Full of Hell, Ilsa, and Candy on night two. They also play Vancouver and the Netherlands in 2019. All dates are listed below.

Meanwhile, Ozzy is fully recovered and he makes his return to the stage at Ozzfest in LA on New Year's Eve. He also has four rescheduled tour dates going down in July.

And speaking of Devil Master, they play a Halloween night show opening for Christian Death in Brooklyn tonight.

Integrity -- 2019 Tour Dates
Jan 11 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery (w/ Genocide Pact, Devil Master & Psywarfare)
Jan 12 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery (w/ Full of Hell, ILSA & Candy)
Feb 15-17 Vancouver, BC @ DPK Five Year Anniversary
May 24-25 Erica, NL @ Pitfest

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