Minneapolis, MN singer-songwriter Deano Erickson has been releasing music as Internet Dating for nearly ten years. He's now announced a new album, Incomplete Control, due out March 19 via Brace Cover Records. We're premiering the video for the first single, "Meddle in the Middle," a haunting chamber folk track with rich instrumentation.

"I picked 'Meddle in the Middle' to be the first track on Incomplete Control when Ryan Wasoba (recording engineer) suggested the album title," Erickson says. "The title is a twist on the lyrics 'I am in complete control of my incomplete soul' from the bridge in 'Meddle in the Middle'. I wrote this song about being in love but understanding that I was not emotionally available to be in a relationship. I had to realize I couldn't control how I feel but I am in control of how I act on those feelings."

Stream the video below.

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