Last week, Interpol frontman Paul Banks was asked by Hot Press about Morrissey's recent support of far-right political party For Britain as they'll be touring together this summer. Paul was quoted as saying, “We thought it would be a good show for our band. That’s how I’m looking at it. I don’t get too much into the other stuff." He's now clarified those remarks on Twitter, saying he actually said "our fans" not "our band," and says a little bit more, too:

I’d like to address a few things real quick.

The actual quote I gave regarding the upcoming Morrissey tour was “we thought it would be a good show for OUR FANS.” Not “for our band.”

I do not always hold the same beliefs as the artists I work with, and I do not consider that to be a requisite.

I respect both conservative and liberal political views.

I abhor racism, homophobia, and any form of prejudice based on a person’s nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identification, or socioeconomic status…

Paul Banks

Nick Cave recently weighed in on Moz, too.