Long-running emo revival leader Evan Weiss has announced his first Into It. Over It. album since 2016's great Standards. It's called Figure and it comes out September 18 via Triple Crown (pre-order). Evan says, "It’s about trying to make peace with poor decisions that I’ve made, and how I can try to reconcile as much as I can, and what I can’t reconcile, how I’m going to cope with that moving forward, and what I can do to be better to the people around me."

The first single is "Living Up To Let You Down," which is a little more jangly and breezy than the math-emo that Evan is best known for, but it sounds unmistakably like Into It. Over It. You can listen and check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

Into It Over It Figure

They Built Our Bench Again In Palmer Square
Living Up To Let You Down
Hollow Halos
Perfect Penmanship
Courtesy Greetings
Breathing Patterns
A Left Turn At Best Intentions
We Prefer Indoors
Dressing Down // Addressing You
A Lyric In My Head I Haven't Thought Of Yet
A Light In The Trees

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