INUS (aka The Institute for Navigating the Universal Self) features The Locust member Bobby Bray, and their new album Western Spaghettification comes out August 9 via The Locust frontman Justin Pearson's Three One G label (pre-order), whose press release calls them "a pre-postapocalyptic, post-honky-tonk-prog-skronk, space Tropicalia, math-lounge powersilence trio." That is not a bad way of describing this nearly-impossible-to-describe band, whose new single "We Are Our Computers’ Genitalia" pays virtually no attention to traditional song structure or melody but in a freakishly appealing, and somehow still focused way. That press release continues, "While listening to 'We Are Our Computers’ Genitalia,' we are faced with such questions regarding being the first generations in the digital age, and what happens to our concept of self when physically engaged with the Internet for hours at a time (is it empowerment or distraction?)." I can't make out any of the lyrics, which are obscured by alien-like vocal effects, but I'll take their word for it. Listen below.

Time is a Person
Kajillions and Bazillions
Whose Methane Gas is on Mars?
We Are Our Computers’ Genitalia
There Was a Fish in the Percolator
For Whom the Bell Curve Tolls
This is Not Proper Notification
Western Spaghettification

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