Ionophore is the dark ambient project of Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Fyrhtu, Terebellum, Hammers of Misfortune, Cardinal Wyrm, etc), Janek Hendrich (Qepe, Not Quite So, Betterthief), and Ryan Honaker (Souls And Cities, Betterthief), and they'll self-release their fourth album Knells on February 26 (pre-order).

We're premiering first single "Pardis," and Leila -- who handles trumpet, vocals, guitar, piano, synths, ebow, and glockenspiel on the album -- has this to say about it: "'Pardis' explores the most obscure corridors of our minds, revealing what’s lurking in its darkest recesses. Harkening back to grandiose soundtracks of the past, melancholic violins complement soaring horns while blurred voices echo in the distance and angular pulses emerge, keeping the listener in a perpetual state of suspense."

Leila's quote should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from this creepy, minimal, horror film score-esque track, which you can listen to right here:

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