After killing the iPod classic in 2014, Apple has now decided to slash the iPod Nano and Shuffle for good too. They had been on the market since 2005. According to Business Insider, Apple will begin selling newer versions of the iPod Touch, while discontinuing the previously mentioned models. The listings of the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle have also disappeared from Apple's website.

This continues a trend of the phasing out of standalone music players, beginning with Apple's launch of the iPhone (which turns 10 this year). Apple does still have other new audio products though, AirPods (wireless bluetooth headphones) and the HomePod (which competes with the Amazon Echo). Business Insider suggests that one reason the iPod Shuffle is being discontinued is because it's not compatible with AirPods. As the article also points out, neither the iPod Shuffle or Nano supports Apple Music.

The iPod Classic recently made an appearance in the film Baby Driver.

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