As a metalhead, perhaps you sometimes think, why isn't there more premium IOS/Android content to cater to my metal interests and aesthetics. Well, perhaps you didn't know that there were two recent, vaguely satanic additions to the app store that can help make your day-to-day experience with your personal devices just a bit heavier.

First off, there is now an Iron Maiden game, which is free. "Legacy of the Beast" is an RPG that casts the player as Eddie, the iconic zombie mascot of the iconic British metal band. I just downloaded it, and it has Iron Music playing over the opening splash page, and it occurs to me that this is the greatest possible music to get you psyched up for a video game. So yeah, so far so good.

Meanwhile, if you're not much of a gamer but would still prefer for your digital communications to be more metal in general, there's a metal emoji keyboard for you. Keyluminati's keyboard, which is sadly $1.99 (hey you get what you pay for) has all kinds of stuff like devil-horns (with studded leather armband, natch), corpse-painted faces, satan himself, et cetera. The app is a bit sketchy in terms of functionality as not all apps support it, so you sometimes have to copy your metal emoji of choice from the keyboard app and then paste into whatever app you're using to commuunicate, but these honestly seem like small potatoes given the array of beards available with this thing:


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